Disgusting Spa Treatments are Too Gross to Consider – or are they?

How Much: Varies abroad in New York: $375 a treatment


Bird Poop Facials


I love the name the most.

They say it’s good luck to get pooped on by a bird, so is it worth paying for? Uguisu no fun which is translated to nightingale feces, is the key ingredient in the trendy Geisha Facials. Used in the Eastern world since ancient times, this bird poop is said to heal and lighten the skin and balance skin tone. Often used for treating hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring, some say it has similar effects to Botox. If you’re not convinced, the Beckhams, Tom Cruise and Harry Styles are reported to be big fans. Are you in now?

Where: Recently adopted by the Western world, these facials can be found all over.

How Much: about $180 a poop, ahem, pop

Leech Therapy “leeching”

leech therapy

I’ve had nightmares about this exact thing, but the leeches talked… these do not (I’m told).

This ancient medicinal treatment (once considered a cure-all) is in the midst of a resurgence due to it’s anti-aging effects and a celeb following. Demi Moore and Dr. Oz sing its praises. The treatment uses FDA regulated medical leeches to increase circulation, improve skin elasticity, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, heal post surgery wounds and purify blood. Leeches also release bioactive enzymes that help remove toxins.

Where: The Continuum Center for Health and Healing NYC among other places in the US.

How Much: $600 at that establishment, but can be found for under $100 per session
nail slime to (hopefully) smooth out some wrinkles and otherwise give me a younger-than-my-age look.

Flesh Eating Fish Pedicure

fish pedicure

Not a pedi you should try at home — unless you live on a lake.

Garra rufa, which is a miniature silver carp (also known as Doctor Fish) have been used medicinally to treat skin conditions like eczema. Now, they’re a trendy replacement for the razor at your pedi. You dunk your feet into a tank or decorative stream or some other larger than life spa-ified fishbowl and allow these curative carp to eat the dead skin from your feet. They don’t have teeth so it’s really more of a tickle (I’m told).

Be aware — Though few infections are reported, health organizations have found the fish to carry bacteria, which can infect humans. It’s nearly impossible to keep tanks and fish themselves sufficiently clean between clients.

Where: All over the world
How Much: Prices vary

Foreskin Facial
(Yes, you read that correctly, though I’d really like to rename it “Bris Bliss” Also, please notice, I’ve chosen not to include a picture of any kind. You’re welcome.)

This is better known as a HydraFacial. Developed by Dr. Gail Naughton, who invented a way to take the donated foreskin of a baby and turn it into millions of treatments. The growth factors captured in the foreskin can be applied to adult skin to stimulate our skin cells to regenerate. It can also improve skin tone, texture, fine lines (and tantrums?).

Where: Certain spas and doctors offices in the US offer foreskin facials
How Much: about $150

Minus anything you’d find in a lake, I’d try all of these. In fact, I’m off to collect some gastropods from my garden. What? I said I’d try them, I didn’t say I’d pay full price.

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