Dear Readers – Day 17 at Camp Lenox – Who Knew The Great Outdoors Were So Lovely?

Outdoor Education...Sleepaway camp is super fun . Today, I had a salad … again. I’m really happiest when there’s feta. I know, who would’ve thought feta could make such a difference? I think it may be the Switzerland of cheese. Well, Swiss cheese is probably the Switzerland of cheese, technically speaking, but it seems like Switzerland in the fact that it’s universally inoffensive.

I see now that there’s a reason people don’t compare cheeses to countries.

Anyhoo, last night was really buggy in the Berkshires, so I sprayed pretty much everything I own with Off, I proactively sprayed my dessert as well, so it wouldn’t attract any mosquitoes. I think it was a smart decision. I was only nauseous for a couple hours and I didn’t get a single bite.

During the day, I went to the Camp Lenox outdoor ed AIC (that’s when you get to choose your activity) and I seriously loved it. It was kind of a fluke that I went there. I was hanging by the bonfire area on the bleachers and a couple of the boys and I developed a game where you try to throw pebbles into a trashcan that’s like 50ft or maybe 50 yards away. I’m really bad with measurement, but it was far. Most of us made none. I made one and another boy made 5. I feel like he’s played trashcan pebbles before, even though he said he hadn’t. He seems like a liar!

A counselor walked up and told us we weren’t allowed to play that game and I quickly pointed to the liar and said it was his idea. “Seriously, I asked them to stop, but no one listens to me.” Then Jake, the outdoor ed guy walked over and asked if I was gracing them with my presence. In order to seem like I was there for a reason other than outdoor pebble throwing, I said “of course” and hoped we’d be doing something tame like throwing pebbles in the trashcan.

“OK guys, let’s vote… Do you want to hike to the waterfall or build a signal fire?” he asked.

Everyone started yelling for fire, except me and the liar– who were pro-waterfall. I’m liking him more. We then had a show of hands and I voted for both. I try to be like Feta cheese in these situations (I take no sides). Then Jake explained that they would not be building the signal fire but simply watching and seeing how high the smoke could rise.

The kids reassessed and then I summed it up for them, “So, it’s basically smoke inhalation verses a beautiful waterfall?” and winked at my new lying friend.

Waterfall it is.

As we started to walk, Jake stopped at every tree and plant to ask what it was and how the kids knew. They were amazing. They knew everything, including, what things are good for. For instance, if you get a cut in the woods you should rub moss on it.

I’ll test you guys why – is it because:

A. Moss grows fat on a rollin’ stone?
B. A rolling stone gathers no moss?
C. Moss has iodine in it, which acts as a natural antiseptic?

If you guessed C you are amazing at the process of elimination. If you guessed A or B you are not very bright, but enjoy good music, take comfort in that if you can.

Plus, I learned that Iodine can also be used to purify water. One child mentioned that we’ll probably never need to use it. I pointed out that it could come in handy. Like when you’re older and walking to work and you come upon some standing water and think, “I’m really thirsty!” you could find some moss and drink that standing water.

“Why couldn’t I just grab a bottle of water?” The child asked.

“I guess you could, if you want to be lazy like everyone else who doesn’t know about moss.”

Then another suggested it would be useful if there were a plane crash.

The same child later found an area and mentioned it would make a good shelter in a plane crash.

I told him, he was getting a bit morbid and tried to steer clear for the rest of the hike as I was pretty sure he was starting to scope me out as potential person to eat in the event of a plane crash.

The hike was beautiful. I mean, really stunning. We picked and ate fresh strawberries… we ate gooseberries … we found Chaga mushrooms and learned that they have the highest concentration of antioxidants of anything on Earth. We also learned that they sell for hundreds of dollars. I took some to make tea, but I’ll probably just sell it on Craig’s list…


We finally made it to the breathtaking falls, where I waited patiently for a van to pick us up and take us back to camp. The van never came. Apparently, when you hike out to somewhere, you are expected to hike back too. I guess it’s been awhile since I hiked at sleepaway camp because I used all my energy on the way out there.IMG_4923

Jake made me some tea at dinner. I had a friend try it first to see if it made him die. He seemed alive a couple minutes later, so I drank it too.

chaga tea
PS – According to Jake – The Chaga mushroom is a parasitic fungus that is commonly found growing on birch trees. Also known as a “gift of God” as a result of its healing and restorative properties. With some of the highest antioxidant levels in the entire world + an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids, it’s an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-inflammatory that boosts the immune system.

I may have warded off colds until 2016… I’ll let you know in two years.


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7 thoughts on “Dear Readers – Day 17 at Camp Lenox – Who Knew The Great Outdoors Were So Lovely?

  1. cherie

    Well, are you bringing home any of these wonder mushrooms or do I have to pay hundreds of dollars to get them? Very informative and I’m glad you made friends with the liar (the nice kid). LOL

  2. Liz

    LOL. Love the morbid kids. And that you’re bending them to your will. And also love feta cheese. That was the worst part of my pregnancy, that my doctor said I couldn’t have feta. I made the point that I only buy pasteurized, but she just gave me a look which I could not interpret but that made me stay away from the cheese.
    Liz recently posted…Zoe vs. the British NannyMy Profile

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