Interesting News about Your Child’s Personality Traits

What Personality Traits Will Your Kid Carry Into Adulthood?

silly kidsIs the person you were in the first grade the person you are today? To some degree, yes. A new study shows that personality traits are set as early as the first grade. The study looked at four personality traits: talkativeness, adaptability, impulsiveness and humility. Many subjects who were interviewed as children and again 40 years later retained the characteristics they had four decades prior.

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4 thoughts on “Interesting News about Your Child’s Personality Traits

  1. Bari

    So it looks like Sigmund Freud was right all along about early personality development. I wonder if he was smoking cigars at three.

  2. Monica

    I love the pieces you write for iVillage. They always have interesting info plus your sense of humor. Unlike many of their other pieces.


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