If Jennifer Love Hewitt can Beat Cellulite, Gosh Darnit, So Can I

6 thoughts on “If Jennifer Love Hewitt can Beat Cellulite, Gosh Darnit, So Can I

  1. julie

    i rubbed that “friggin” greek yogurt all over my body and the “friggin” cellulite remains.
    the bright side is i finally got rid of that irritating yeast infection-lol!!!

  2. rachy

    love the vlogging……wondering what it would be like to meet you in person, wondering if you’re just “normal” in everyday life and funny in your blogs/vlogs……(if you were too funny at home, your kids would be laughing so much, they’d pee in their pants, and i’m sure that doesn’t happen)

  3. Insanitykim

    Yay the comment thingie works! Woohooo wait…crap, what was I gonna say? Let me try to remember that fantastic comment I had…hmmm…

    OK first of all I highly doubt you have ANY cellulite at all! Like, MAYBE if you SQUEEZED with both hands and jiggled violently you might see a dimple or two. Me? I make Misha Barton look like an amazing thong model.

    Second. You’re 30. 30. SOB!

    And Thirdly, thighs? Only? HAHAHAHHAHA *wipes eyes* try your arms, stomach, butt, calves, chin, eyelids…psh. Sheesh.

    And fourthly, the only way to get rid of it is to wear pants. Out of sight, out of mind, and, wearing pants to the beach keeps sand out of delicate places anyway…

    There is only one side to all of this, and this is the front side, walking backward when necessary, so husband can’t see all the junk in the trunk. Sigh. I am too old to be talking like that.

  4. Amy

    Let me know whatcha got for pancake arms. My 9-year old teases me about my “pancake arms”. The other day he was going to rib me about my legs. I said “ut ut ut! They’re off limits!! You can tease me about my pancake arms. But leave the legs out of it!!” I bet Uma Thurman doesn’t have a personal trainer like mine!!!

  5. Ria

    Love your video! Totally honest, disarming… yeah, well JLH and Britney and whoever else may have the knife in their arsenal against cottage cheese… who knows! But you go, sister!


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