Heads Up on the CBS4 Segment Thursday 7/23 Sometime Between 5-6:30


Last week I received a call about doing a segment for CBS4 Miami as an “Expert Mom.” It’s ironic because I am totally an expert at the mom thing, as most of you know. It’s about time the media noticed. I was told the interview needed to be soon, so we agreed on Friday. On Thursday at noon I received a call from the reporter asking, “Can I come in an hour? This is the only time I am available.”

Well, I was still in sweaty workout clothes and hadn’t had a bite to eat. Oh, and I was also researching the subject of the interview. I said, “Fine, but hair and make-up will have to take precedence. “ He agreed, and that’s when I knew we’d be friends. I jumped in the shower and recited whatever info I could remember. I then grabbed a bowl of cereal and a serving ladel.  You get bigger bites that way.  I shoveled spoonfuls in with one hand, blew my hair dry with my second hand, and put on make-up with my third. Yes, I have three hands but that is a whole other blog.

The subject of the interview was, “What can moms do with their kids when they are not in camp?” The reporter questioned me about my blog, “Oh, is that what you write about? Places to take the kids? Crafts you can do at home?” I said, “No, I write about what happens when you do those things and they go horribly wrong.”

He really had no response and may have searched for a door, but all exits were barricaded. I would not lose the interview.  Aside from some dramatic sweeping hand gestures and goofy comments in a fake accent, I think the interview went famously. In the end, I’ll look like a certified expert or a certifiable lunatic.  it’s all in the editing.

By the way, look at my armpits for a tuft of white tissue. Yes, when I was blow drying my hair and sweating I shoved tissues in to make sure I didn’t have marks on my dress. Apparently I forgot to take them out… Good times, good times.

If you are not in South Florida, I will post a link… Maybe.

PS I was asked back to do another segment on back to school bargains!!!

18 thoughts on “Heads Up on the CBS4 Segment Thursday 7/23 Sometime Between 5-6:30

  1. Insanitykim

    You keep getting more and more famous and setting trends, like wearing TP under your arms and kidnapping reporters. I can’t keep up!

    The cashier at Rite Aid recognized me tho, but maybe that’s because I am always in there. Sigh.

    Please post, for I don’t live in Florida…

    And, I don’t put my kids in camps, due to the germs, evil night games and rabid bats in the cabins. Also, I homeschool so we don’t have to buy clothes. Well, back-to-school-clothes.

  2. admin Post author

    Kim… if I know you, and I’m pretty sure I do, virtually anyway. I know your kids don’t even wear clothes, as you don’t let them out of the house. Nice try.

  3. Cherie

    I have been waiting with baited breath for this announcement. My daughter has finally become famous. Can I move into a bigger home now? Can I quit work? Because you will finally be taking care of me. In all seriousness. I am so proud. I can’t wait to see you little escapade on TV. I’ll be sure to look for the TP.

  4. Bari

    Can I get your autograph now before you’re too famous to remember the little people? Kudos to you. Can’t wait to see the broadcast. Then finally, you can get the public recognition you soo deserve! Seinfeld, David and Degenerous move over Big Mamma’s commin’ your way.

  5. Jennys Dad

    It’s about time. I can finally move from this Cold Water Flat, Sixth floor walk-up. You promised when you became rich and famous, you’d move me to the fifth floor and I could quit my Day Labor farmhand job. Ok, you’re right, you said I could scale back to 6 days a week. I’ll look forward to my day off.

  6. Barry

    You are a copy cat. I know for a fact the paper under the armpit has been popular in prominent African tribal circles for years. This could be a great stepping stone. Stock up on your paper goods. Good luck.

  7. rachael

    hi! i so wish i was their to tivo!!!! please forward to me as soon as you figure out how! I love that you have TP under your pits…did you also have some cereal down your dress???

  8. rachy

    hope someone posts the video! wow, gotta look for the TP and the hastily applied makeup. after a few tv spots, everyone will know how certifiable you are as a mom!

    btw…love that ’50s tv — goes perfectly w/the 50’s housewife on your banner!!

  9. AmyMusing

    “No, I write about what happens when you do those things and they go horribly wrong.”

    HAHAHAHA! I get irked at the assumption that you’d write about craft tips and outing suggestions as if you are June Cleaver’s clone. Those blogs are a bore.

    You’re so NOT boring!!

  10. Leah O.

    Congratulations! I was interview for the news once about riding the bus vs. the car. It was fun seeing myself on tv. Of course you got more time, but I’m not jealous………………. 😉

  11. rachy

    Great interview — you really sound like you know what you’re talking about! (you kinda sounded “normal” — but we know better!)

  12. Amy

    Ooh! Jenny’s dad needs to have a blog! Set him up! You know, once he gets settled into his fifth floor flat. He’s funny!


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