Has Bella Swan Ruined Dating for Our Kids?

Bella Swan Has Ruined Dating for our Daughters

normal_hq013As you may already know, I’m a huge Twilight fan. The truth is, though I’m a mom, I’m as wooed and wowed by Edward and Jacob as the average tween. The one difference? Unlike most giddy tween girls, I actually know that they don’t exist. And when I say “they,” I’m not talking about vampires and werewolves. I’m talking about the existence of guys like Edward and Jacob — guys who are constantly laying down their lives for you and who unselfishly have your best interests at heart. READ MORE

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5 thoughts on “Has Bella Swan Ruined Dating for Our Kids?

  1. Melissa

    was just having a conversation with my friend about the same thing on Thurs. Men do not understand the fascination, but it is there in black and white. Those guys are what every woman/girl wants, plain and simple. Great piece. You are such a great writer!

  2. Holly

    I think we are the same person. I just read your post on “Why can’t my husband be more like Edward Cullen” And I have said that line to him!! Many times now! I am obsessed with how he swoops in and saves her and I can’t live without the movies or books now! We are the same person!! I act like a tween too in the movies!!


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