Because I’m five like that

Today, I was leaving a birthday lunch for my friend Tracey. I pulled out of the parking lot with her pulling out behind me. I got to the light waiting for her to pull next to me. Spontaneously, my face contorted into some stupid face, because I’m 5 like that. While looking straight ahead, I gave her the finger as her car inched to my side. Keeping my head toward the traffic light, I shoved said finger up my nose, way up my nose…because I’m 5 like that. I made some weird bucky beaver face while snorting and slowly turned to look at Tracey, HOLY SHIT THAT’S NOT TRACEY. The elderly woman staring me dead in the eye with a look of total and utter disgust is someone I have never seen before.

She turned quickly as if caught eaves dropping, but not before an eye roll. I stopped snorting, removed my finger from my nose, and gave her a meek smile. This is why I should not be allowed out of the house.

14 thoughts on “Because I’m five like that

  1. Cherie

    Remember the old saying. “Stop making that face… it might freeze”. I can only imagine what was going through that woman’s mind. Is the women crazy, am I safe, should I speed away, will she follow me. I only want to know where did you find that picture, it’s great.

  2. Barry

    Coulda been worse. Coulda been your dad beside you . Love the self portrait. You’ve probably always had a “Nose” for trouble.

  3. Wilern

    Had it been your friend, was this your way of saying “thank you for inviting me to your birthday party”, I really enjoyed myself. I can
    only imagine your antics if you had not enjoyed yourself. Most likely given her back the lunch.

  4. Wilern

    Had it been your friend; was this your way of saying “thank you for inviting me to your birthday party”, I really enjoyed myself. I can only imagine what your antics may have been if you hadn’t enjoyed yourself.
    Most likely given her back the lunch.

    Love your blog!!

  5. Bari

    I thought that was your normal face ’cause I see your kids doing it all the time. I thought you taught ’em. By the way, did your dad teach you that?

  6. Ed

    Meh, I think the legal limit for being allowed out of the house at 3 or more twists of said finger. I believe there’s also a 2 knuckle minimum depth, but that may vary from state to state. For instance, in Arkansas I believe the rule is anything above the elbow is punishable.

  7. admin Post author

    Ed thank you for the legalese, I was curios about that. Now I know I am welcome in Arkansas. Nancy, I did not eat it. Thanks for asking. Wilern, there are many perks to being my friend this is just one of them.

    Jenny from the blog

  8. Tracey

    What is so amusing to me is that I can’t count how many times I actually have pulled up next to you and received that “finger up the nose cross eyed bucky beever face.” Thanks for the birthday laugh.


  9. Insanitykim

    I totally do not lie.

    When I saw the pic the first thought in my head was, “that is SO the wrong finger.” Then I read. Then I laughed. Then I realized how awesome I am er-how awesome you are.

  10. mother shaffer

    Umm…is it wrong that I think it’s totally awesome to freak random people out like that? What fun is making your friends uncomfortable (you can do that anytime)? Totally unsuspecting innocent bystanders is where it is at!

  11. rachy

    you’re braver than me, jenny. if i did that i’d turn 5 shades of red, hide in shame, try my best to forget it, and never, never tell anyone about it!

    but i must say, i like mother shaffer’s perspective on it!


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