Beauty Myths Debunked – You’ll Be Surprised

Do you get zits from unwashed pillowcases or cellphones?

Will you age the way your parents age?

Do retinoids make you more susceptible to sun damage or sunburn?

What’s the magic ingredient you should look for in beauty products?

If you were a vampire, would you need anti-aging creams?

On this week’s Jenny Isenman Show, my favorite dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day is back!  You know, the uber famous one I told you I would totally stalk? Well, she answers tons of my insane questions.  Be warned, before you watch, some of the answers are awesome and some may totally piss you off.

Enjoy –

Jenny From the Blog

The questions Dr. Day couldn’t answer: “When the f@ck did I get all these wrinkles.” and “Wasn’t I just going to my prom like last week?”

OK peeps, if you liked the info, please pass it on to anyone you think is pretty! (Of course, if they happen to get this from another friend, they’ll know you’re essentially saying, “you’re an ugly troll.” Plus, I’d be really disappointed in you!

You should definitely share this to avoid any ill will from me or your friends.

3 thoughts on “Beauty Myths Debunked – You’ll Be Surprised

  1. Karen Baitch Rosenberg

    Good info.! Thanks, Jenny ~ LOVED Seabreeze! And I was a thought leader in my summer camp for having Stridex Pads … Now love my Clarisonic.


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