A Thought on New Celebrity Parenting Trends: WTF?

For years I’ve tried to keep up with the celebrity mommas, but maybe it’s time to call it quits. Here are some of the trends celeb parents have started thus far. Yes, I’ve logged them for you.

Let’s go back to the simpler days, when “with child” became the new “in rehab.” Oh, how I enjoyed that shift in trends, I was able to finally stop popping Adderall like Smarties… and start a family.

Next, the paparazzi traded the “crotch shot” for the “baby bump” — another adjustment I was willing to make. I loved being on baby bump watch with Access Hollywood and Us Weekly, even if I was looking at  false alarms of bloated actresses who had just downed some salty Chinese take-out.  Look, anything’s better than staring at LiLo’s firecrotch… again.  Plus, let’s just say my Brazilian waxing bills were through the roof, as I never knew when someone would snap a surprise pic of my undercarriage while I provocatively exited a cab.

Then of course, celebs threw us for a loop by naming their kids things like Kyd and Ocean.  I imagined taking my kids to Mommy and Me with Kingston and Egypt, Gymborie with Brooklyn and Apple, and who could leave out baby massage with Moxie Crimefighter and Pilot Inspektor?  My son was originally named Jake, but we quickly changed it to Beaf Bolonee to gain entrance into this exclusive celebrity baby club.

About the same time, “Adopted” from far away became the new “biological?” Who didn’t embraced this movement? Angie, Madonna, Sandra, Charlize, Meg, Mariska, Mary-Louise, Katherine — all on board. Which was nice, for obvious reasons. Though at times it felt that people were trying to see who could adopt from the poorest country. For that reason, British orphans have been completely off limits for over a decade.

That’s why my husband and I, always on trend, adopted our other son, “Son” (which is pronounced “sun”), from a small 4th world country called Kytictyntannia. It’s hard to spell as it’s usually pronounced in a clicking language, though it can also be said with a bongo, but since no one in Kytictyntannia can afford a bongo, it’s rarely said that way. The two people living there fought over religious beliefs often and tried daily to convert each other. We adopted the youngest of the two residents. He was 47 at the time. WE WIN!

And most recently, it appears that “REALLY?” is the new “Parenting.” I just read that Mayim Bialik AKA Blossom, wakes up 4 to 6 times per night to breast feed her 3 1/2 year old toddler.  Seriously? Does he not have molars?  Does he not need sleep?  Blossom’s also famous for wearing her children, Alicia Silverstone’s now famous for bird feeding her son, and January Jones, for eating her placenta, I just don’t know how to follow these new trends. I may just have to throw in the towel — and after all that hard work keeping up, not to mention that I now have a 10 year old I call Beaf and a 47 year old to support.

Maybe, it’s just enough to do something that makes people say “REALLY?” Yes, from now on, I’ll give birth naturally into a pool at a Canyon Ranch (or somewhere else with a healthy connotation and a great spa).

After eating my afterbirth, Survivor style, I’ll immediately breast feed my newborns and stop when they write a compelling dissertations on why I should stop breast feeding. I’ll not only pre-chew their food, I’ll eat it and then tell them how it tastes in vivid detail. This is an example of teaching descriptive language and senses, which is of course, priceless. I’ll wear my children to black tie political events, only. And I’ll sleep with them in a massive sling that’ll be worn by a giant.

Phew… missing a the newest Hollywood trend, averted. BTW, someone should tell Alicia, when you name your son Bear, it’s ironic to pre-chew his food. But, what do I know about irony?

Please share it with all your friends who love a little celeb gossip… We wouldn’t want them to miss the trends 🙂

18 thoughts on “A Thought on New Celebrity Parenting Trends: WTF?

  1. Steffj89

    OMG….I am laughing so hard. I am so far behind, I am still trying to figure out when the crotch shot became cool instead of shameful…..
    And with three little boys, chances of ever being “with it” again are pretty slim.

  2. Jenny from the blog Post author

    I think LILO brought the crotch shot into the main stream. After that I went around for years, getting out of cars and caps pantiless just waiting for some paparazzi. Oh well I was better with a baby bump anyway. It gets drafty going commando in winter.

  3. Karen Baitch Rosenberg

    “From now on …?” Are you trying to tell us something? And better to take a crotch shot BEFORE having the babies, ifyaknowwhatImean.

  4. cherie

    OMG couldn’t stop laughing out loud…I’m making a spectacle of myself. Well, I guess I was in when I adopted our black and white child from the shelter. Although, she does mew some.

  5. Rachael

    This rocks!! I love you and your awesome blogs!! I was laughing so hard… I….cried…( was gonna say somthin else) …well u know what happens after kids!!

  6. Bari

    I love your adopted son, son and his country. I’d visit but have absolutely no clue how to get “their”. Could you please forward both directions to said country and proper placenta chewing protocol. I can’t wait to be cool like a star.

  7. Jody Brettkelly

    Hi nice to meet you. Yes, love how all these celebs needs “time away” to sort out their marriages. Just asked my mother – who’s been married for 53 years to my father – what is the secret? Her words: “Just stay there.” Wee bit of a disconnect…

  8. tracyfulks

    oh dear god, stop, it hurts…
    “It’s hard to spell as it’s usually pronounced in a clicking language, though it can also be said with a bongo, but since no one in Kytictyntannia can afford a bongo, it’s rarely said that way.”
    you have a brilliant writing style, and i like the shit out of you. keep up the awesomeness.

  9. Jenny

    My friend suggested I eat my placenta (she has no kids but apparently her sister did and she felt great but apparently had a hard time getting that freshly baked placenta smell out of her house… she baked it, pulverized it, and put it in capsules and took it like a multivitamin) true story

    (i didn’t do it)


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