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Mark Twain once said, “I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” This week, Jenny from the Blog asks, “How many incidents do we fear as mothers?” “How much stress do we expend fearing them” and “Why is it so easy to be a What-iffer?”

Excerpt “…But, my mind was quick to figure out the real danger.  Nope, this was not a police issue and frankly those petty slap on the wrist repercussions didn’t concern me; this was an act of terrorists or at the very least the owners of the mall were going to blow up the parking lot in order to put up a Neiman Marcus.”

To read the full insanity of this piece and see if you know the feeling: CONTINUE READING

6 thoughts on “Are You a What Iffer? | Jenny from the Blog

  1. anon

    OMG, I can’t believe there’s someone else out there like me! My husband always says that I’d be a great Actuary without using all the mathematics. Unfortunately, at times my chronic worrying does keep my two boys from just having fun.

  2. Jen

    Love knowing there are others out there! Wahoo, a win for the wackos. Well, something like that. I really can relate more than you know.

  3. Lori Stefanac (Lola) |

    I love that your fear didn’t keep you from snatching a prime parking spot! That is something I would “chance” as well. Because if you parked further away? WHAT IF you twisted your ankle on the long walk to the mall? Or WHAT IF being so far from the mall entrance made you a prime target for a purse snatcher?

    Do they even call themselves that? Sort of a lame name, isn’t it? I wonder if in the subculture of purse snatchers they have cooler names for each other like “Vinnie The Bag Torturer” or “Lenny The purse Demolisher”. Kinda like how they all have cool names for each other in the mafia, like “Joey the Meatball” and “Frankie the Finisher”.

    Uhhhh….what were we supposed to be talking about?

    Oh! I remember. YES, I WOULD be a “what-iffer” if I could sustain my attention for any reasonable period of time. Strangely I start off with “what if” something flies off the overpass right as I’m driving under it, and end up with “I wonder if blue eyeliner will ever be back in style”.

    Maybe it’s a blessing? I don’t worry much. So, about the blue eyeliner…

  4. Karen

    Travel is my biggest “what-if” trigger. Always have along a can of Lysol to pre-treat the hotel room tv remote, phone, light switches and knobs (against contagion) , request – demand – a room above the height of any Tsunami (known to happen), lock our toothbrushes in the in-room safe and NEVER use the floor ice-maker (thanks to several urban legends). I think less of these as healthy precautions – intuition – than insanity or neuroses.

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