All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

I believe my last post was on “momnesia,” though I can’t recall. Well, at some point you read about my “momnesia,” and here is a perfect example: This weekend I missed a wedding. Yep, a bona fide black tie, husband’s biggest client, save the date on the fridge, fortune per head kind of wedding.

It was Saturday afternoon; my kids were getting ready to go to my mom’s for a sleepover. A sleepover I had to make my mom cancel plans for. I went to the mail pile to pull out the direction card. I grabbed it and did a quick once over of the invite. Please join bla,bla at bla, bla, on Friday, the 28th of November. I reread that thing 7 times and grabbed the Post just to confirm that this was in fact the wrong day. You know, just in case there was a typo on the invite and the 28th was actually Saturday and no one caught it till this very moment. Alas, it was the 29th, the invitation writer really checked her facts.

“Mark… Mark… all right, don’t kill me, but…” “We WHAT? THE WEDDING WAS YESTERDAY! You’re kidding right?” “Ummm, nope.” Both of us just stood silent and contemplated how bad it was. How really, really bad it was. After many minutes he got on his tux, I got on my gown, we put the kids in the car, dropped them off at my mom’s, came home stripped down, watched R rated movies, cussed out loud, talked about adult stuff (like insurance), ate ice cream without sharing, shtupped with the door open, and went to sleep.

What? A night off is a night off. My mom was none the wiser… till now.

9 thoughts on “All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

  1. Kelly

    OMG That’s totally something we would do! I’ve missed holiday parties and such due to momnesia, but a wedding… now, that’s impressive!

  2. Rachael

    jenny, jennny, jennnnyyyy….can you really blame this on momnesia???? how about using your hi-tech cell phone and adding these important events on your calendar…you can actually set an alarm so you have to look and wont forget!!!!!!! I love you dearly even though you have absolutely jumped off the deep end!!!!!

  3. Sylvie

    so what did you tell the bride and groom as the reason for which you cost them a small fortune for empty chairs and uneaten wedding food 🙂 Great story.

  4. Duchess O'Blunt

    Ok, this was an awesome story. If you have 7 different types of technology, it wouldn’t matter if you used the wrong date to record it!

    Jenny I am happy you still shipped the kids off to moms and had the night to yourselves!

    Sounds like a perfect break

  5. pehpot

    Oh that a really funny entry. This is my first time to visit your blog and from the first entry alone, I think I will come back and comment often. I will make a link of yours on my blog.


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