Amusing addendum to yesterdays post.

At Jake’s baseball game my mom started talking about the new post.

Dad:  “Oh you have a new post?  What’s it on?”

Me:  “My boobs.”

Dad:  “Great,” he said, with dripping sarcasm.

What father wants to read about his daughters boobs?…Again.

Mom:  “You really like to write about your tits, don’t you?”

Yuck, cringe cringe, mom saying tits is like fingernails on a chalk board.

Me:  “Yes Mom, my tits are my Muses.”

Dad:  It’s a good thing I never got you that boob job in college.  You wouldn’t have anything to write about.

Me:  Yes thanks, you gave me a lot of fodder…Fodder.

Ba Dum Bump.

Keep reading, for yesterdays post… if you haven’t read it yet.

6 thoughts on “Amusing addendum to yesterdays post.

  1. rachy

    George Carlin from his skit “7 Words You Can’t Say on TV”: “But tits is such a friendly word! Hey Toots, meet Tits. Tits, Toots.”

  2. Alison

    LOVE IT!!! And I loved yesterdays installment too! Jenny, I know we are sisters so if you want my boobs you can have ’em! Keep on, keepin’ on, and remember I too look at my odd collection of images around the house and talk with them. Some think it is a sign of insanity, I think the creative mind does this to keep the sanity!

    Tons of love from the Jersey Shore,

  3. Julie

    Your poor parents can’t even brag to their friends about your posts or your tits???!!! lol!!!!!! With such a witty daughter, I can only hope they have wonderful senses of humor!

  4. Michelle

    I added you to my blogroll, cause you talk about boobs almost as much as I talk about poop. Plus, I kind of feel sorry for you. Hearing your parents say cuss words or talk about doing it is even worse than when you are 12 and you wake up to go pee in the middle of the night and you hear them doing it. Sorry, I’m rambling, having a horrible flash back.


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