6 Common Beauty Myths Busted – The Truth May Change Your Life Forever – Or Not

Knowledge is power (or something like that)

I do so enjoy beauty myths. Frankly, I’m a total sucker for them. Seriously, if someone told me (with great confidence) that I could look younger by applying a mask made with the sap of an oak tree, a smashed up Advil and some kitty litter, I’d say, “No way, that’s ridiculous.” and “Who has a cat?”

That’s why I’ve researched some prevalent beauty myths this week. The verdicts may shock you … into a coma … keep smelling salts nearby and read in the company of a friend or doctor.

1. White wine doesn’t stain your teeth.

The Verdict: Nay

As it turns out red and white wine can affect the surface of your teeth and leave them more likely to be discolored. Come on, can us white wine drinkers not get a break here? I mean we’re already giving up all the resveratrol that should be sacrifice enough.  That’s it, I’m replacing all “stainy” drinks with straight vodka, that’ll solve all my problems.

2. Our husbands need “man” products.

The Verdict: Nay

As much as you may not want to share your La Mer, you could. There’s really no difference in men’s and women’s skin. I buy my hubby “Men” stuff to make him feel more manly about using moisturizer. Though when you say it that way it seems oxymoronic, doesn’t it?

3. The pot of wax they use in the spa or salon is sanitary because of the temperature they keep it at. 

The Verdict: Nay

Not if they use the same stick twice! No, it’s like the cooties you’d get from double dipping a chip in salsa, except with wax you’re sharing crotch cooties and everyone knows those are the worst cootiesI  In fact, the warm damp environment of that pot is a breeding ground for bacteria. Ask if they use a fresh stick for every application and stroke, if not … say adios, unless your waxer is French, then say au revoir. (I speak “goodbye” in a variety of languages: ciao, dasvidaniya, auf wiedersehen, see you later … pretty impressive, huh?)

4. Natural products are better.

The Verdict: Nay

Firstly, the terms “natural” or “organic” or even “hypoallergenic” are not highly regulated. Secondly, some synthetic items in products are there to preserve the product so that you’re not putting something that has been contaminated on your skin. Don’t get so hung up on the terms.

I don’t get hung up on terms … I just used “firstly” in a sentence and I’m pretty sure it’s not even a word.

5. If you become a vampire, you will stop aging.

The Verdict: Blah (That’s my best impression of a vampire via the internet, I’m better in person.)

Yes, this is clearly true. I mean, we all read/saw Twilight and we all know Edward is over 100 and that he looks pretty darn good especially when he sparkles (which of course, debunks the myth that vampires burn in the sun). Edward has taught us so much.

6. Age spots are just another sign that you’re getting old.

Seriously, who made up that term? I prefer freckles, beauty marks… dirt, basically any word that doesn’t make me think of Mr. Burns.

 The Verdict: Nay

The so called, age spots are a result of sun exposure over time. They can be treated with products that include ingredients like hydroquinone, niacinamide, or stabilized vitamin C  and other things I can’t pronounce (I like Reverse Skin Lightening Treatment and Lytera) or lasers like IPL and Q-switched Yag.

Did you survive?  Pulse in tact?  Was that not the most shocking rose ceremony, ahem, article ever? Fine, but you totally learned something, right?

OH I debunked a bunch of anti-aging myths too (with the help of actual Dermatologists and Surgeons, well 12, here they are 12 Anti-Aging Beauty Myths Debunked… Yay or Nay??? … keep the salts handy these are even crazier!

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XO – Jenny From the Blog

5 thoughts on “6 Common Beauty Myths Busted – The Truth May Change Your Life Forever – Or Not

  1. Not Kelly Ripa

    Someone at some point in my adolescence told me to never pluck above your brow line. I accepted this as a beauty rule and religiously adhered to it until recently when a Vietnamese woman at the salon told me I looked like a ‘rat girl’.

  2. Robin

    To avoid those embarrassing wine stained teeth, drink it through a straw. Just a little hint from me to you. Also…helps you look classy because you don’t want to get your red lipstick all over the side of your solo cup.

  3. YourMotherIsADirtyGirl

    So informative. I told my husband about “men” products but he’s still refusing to smell like a flower. Oh well. This totally had me laughing at the “Crotch cooties being the worst kind of cooties.” I really hope everyone knows that. LMAO. I agree- “age spots” I hate that term, I like to think my face is just tanning one small circular dot at a time.

    1. Kay Metviner

      Thanks for the post! I’m glad I found out that becoming a vampire won’t actually solve the age spot problem, even if it makes us sparkle, before I took more drastic action. I too am looking forward to the day that my freckles join together into a tan. I wonder which will win out: the freckle tan or the inevitable skin cancer.

  4. Carpool Goddess

    “Firstly” (I’ve got your back on that one sista), I don’t know what to be more upset about, “stainy” white wine or tainted wax. Doing without both would be disaster. What’s a girl to do? Vodka and board shorts?


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